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Easy Ways to get Free Walmart Gift Card Balance (13 Methods)

Ever since the arrival of Gift cards, the way of exchanging gifts has been changed. Choosing a gift for a person has been a problem for a very long time. Gift cards have quickly put an end to this problem. The fact that shopping at Walmart is the best place is undeniable. Interestingly, Walmart Gift Cards are one of the first gift cards preferred in the market due to the various services and variety available at Walmart. People who enjoy shopping at Walmart will love to use the gift cards to do the same.

There are various ways to obtain a Free Walmart Gift Card and to enjoy the experience of shopping at Walmart. In this article, I will unravel ways to earn free gift cards.

Redeeming cash back, earning reward points through survey sites, using promo codes or trading-in old devices are the standard and easiest methods to obtain Gift cards.

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How to get free Walmart Gift Cards?

Method @1 Ipsos I-Says

Ipsos i-Says a safe research site wherein the participants who offer their opinions or feedback on various products or brands are paid. It’s a simple platform to earn money. The money can be redeemed in direct cash or via gift cards such as that of Walmart.

Method @2 My Points and Swagbucks

My points and Swagbucks are similar survey/research sites where the participant can earn by watching videos/ clips, downloading apps, taking surveys, or even playing games. This is a very attractive site. They make it easier to accumulate points with their ‘daily five objectives’ which means or implies to complete 5 of the activities listed and to get five bonus points. My Points and Swagbucks also provide free points, Free PSN Codes, Free Amazon Gift Cards, and many more things.

Method @3 Ebatesis

Ebatesis another popular method to get a Walmart Gift card in an effortless manner. The moment you are signed into Ebates, you receive a $10 Walmart Gift card balance. It also helps you get exciting cashback deals almost every time you make an online purchase. You can get cash back every time you shop from

Method @4 Point Club

Point Club is another cool website which consists of attractive, short, and simple surveys. It is considered to be a very time-saving website as the surveys do not consume much of your time. The participant not just earns money by cash or via gift cards but is paid $5 at the time of registering itself. Another exciting feature about this website is that if your screen gets blacked out by mistake, you aren’t left empty-handed, you do earn 12 points for that too.

In case you want your payment to be made through PayPal, you must have 50,000 points which are equal to $50.
Inbox Dollars is just like all the other survey sites. You can earn money from accepting free offers such as downloading apps. You get to see the latest offers on the Inbox Dollars dashboard. These offers serve as an excellent opportunity to earn money. You can redeem this amount to use it as your Walmart gift card balance.

Method @5 PointsPrizes

PointsPrizes is another new website where the participant has to test products, survey brands, and general stuff, complete offers to make reward points. It is extremely safe. The redemption of points is done through a digital code. This numeric code is sent to your registered Email-ID for recovery. You can also visit any Walmart store and redeem the code for your Walmart gift card.

Method @6 Ibottais

Ibottais a fun application to receive easy and great cashback deals. It is seasoned and known as the best player in the market of Walmart gift card. It also has fantastic deals for Walmart gift cards. You can immediately use this bonus for your Walmart gift card balance. It is almost ten years old and quite simple to use. At the time of signing up itself, you will be receiving a $10 bonus. The best part is that every time you shop at Walmart, you can get cashback. Keep in mind to check on the latest Ibotta offers and to download them to win a lot of cashback.

Method @7 iRazoo

iRazoo is a survey site where people can get paid for taking surveys, sharing opinions, playing games, and watching videos. For signing up on the website, the user is prized with 500 points. This signup amount will be shown after you’ve created an account. The points earned on this site can be used for your Walmart Gift card balance.

Method @8 TopCashBack

TopCashback is another website that you can use for online shopping. After registering yourself on the website, you have to shop online from your favorite shops and then earn cashback. The cashback amount depends on the amount of purchase you’ve made. This website is considered to be an excellent way to get your free Walmart Gift card. Whenever you make purchases at Walmart through TopCashback, you get cashback.

Method @9 BeFrugal

BeFrugal is a similar website that is very much identical to the Ebates and TopCashback. It is an online shopping cashback and coupon website. BeGrugal guarantees you the best-handpicked deals, high cashback rates, coupons cards, and many other promo codes. They offer up to 40% in Walmart and other stores. It provides $10 at the time of signing up. You will receive this bonus once you get a cashback of $10. This amount is redeemable via PayPal, Demand Deposit or gift cards such as the Walmart Gift Card.

Method @10 Walmart Saving Catcher

Walmart Savings Catcher is a very helpful and reliable way to get free Walmart Gift cards. It looks for the item purchased from Walmart at a lower price. The difference between the original price and the lower advertised price would give you balance for your Walmart Gift Card. Savings catcher is now a part of Walmart’s pay. After the usage of Walmart’s pay, the receipt has to be submitted to a savings catcher to find the lower advertised price of the product. In order to perform this method, you will be requiring the Walmart app.

Method @11 Rakuten

Rakuten is another useful platform that helps us in getting cash back at a very high value. This program helps its users in getting a cashback of up to 40%. It includes neither fees nor points. You have to sign into the Rakuten app to claim your cashback rewards. The portal gives you $10 at the time of signing in. You can redeem this cashback amount for your free Walmart Gift Card balance.

Method @12 Honey

Honey is free and convenient to use a Google Chrome extension that helps in finding and applying for the best offers of promo coupon codes. You can find the best-discounted coupons through this platform. You have to register yourself and shop for some online stuff from the website. Honey will automatically apply the best available coupon codes for you. Honey has also partnered with Walmart. This makes it easier for you to get free Walmart Gift cards.

Method @13 Survey Junkie

Numerous survey apps can pay you gift cards or even real money. Survey Junkie is one of the most popular and trusted survey websites. The website also provides information regarding how much money you’ll earn and the amount of time the survey would take. You would then have the option to be paid by PayPal or by gift card whenever you choose to redeem your earnings. The site has the most straightforward requirements for joining and is the highest paying survey site.

Credit Cards and E-Waste

People who are internet addicts always fascinate to be paid for browsing. Well, there’s a way in which you can earn for just browsing. Nielsen, a research firm, asks for the internet user’s permission to access their internet usage. After the user gives consent to Nielsen to access internet usage, the user has to continue browsing the way they do.

This is the only job the user has to do, and the user will get pay for this. To redeem the amount of money that the users have earned by browsing, you can use options such as PayPal or you can redeem it as a free gift card, which could be a Walmart Gift Card.

You must have heard about E-waste (Electronic- waste) or electronic gadgets that are not in use anymore. You can trust gadgets to a gift card as a platform to earn free Walmart Gift card balance. One can trade or exchange old and useless get electronica devices to get gift cards. You could also win exciting instant offers. Once the buyer receives your device, you’ll have your gift card. You can ship your devices to if these offers please you.

Other Ways and Methods

In today’s world, credit cards are the need of the time. We can say Credit Card Rewards is a treasure. You can Credit card rewards after the payment of the bill. In addition, whenever your credit card makes you points after shopping in Walmart, you can redeem the points for your Walmart Gift Card balance. The most essential step is to choose a suitable credit card to do the same. Selecting an ideal credit card wisely can help you earn more points and rewards.

Different cards give you various possibilities to earn more points or rewards. Therefore, a credit card that offers you a variety of points should choose the redemption option. There are other redemption options such as bank account transfer, PayPal, Demand deposits, etc., redeeming through Walmart Gift card are best to use.

Here comes another fantastic way to get free Walmart gift cards. If you wish to buy a new car, you are most likely to Test drive a car to do the same. Well, a test drive could also earn you free Walmart gift cards! Such offers are available through advertisements on websites, radios, newspapers, etc.

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There are a lot of websites online which claim to give away free Walmart Gift Cards or may request to give free promo coupon codes for Free Walmart Gift Card Balance. These websites are fake. Users should not fall into the trap of these fake websites. These websites can also use the users’ details and account number of conducting malpractices. Therefore, These websites are set up to scam and cheat the users. Walmart keeps alerting its clients not to fall prey to such scams.

Walmart Gift Card is an ideal way for the customers to purchase products and services without any hassles. Also, It helps us in saving money. The clients require a decent and trusted source to claim a free Walmart Gift Card. The clients have to use their gift cards smartly and wisely. I hope this article helped you out. Do try out the methods to earn free Walmart Gift Cards.

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