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10 Ways to get Free Nintendo eShop Codes (100% Genuine)

Playing games like Resident Evil, Super Mario, Pokémon, Legend of Zelda has been a part of our lives. All these games were developed by Nintendo and are played on the Nintendo switch. Nintendo is a Japanese company. It is one of the largest video game companies in the world. It has created and developed some of the top-selling games. In this article, we are going to tell you about the ways to Earn Nintendo eShop Codes for free.

All the games developed by Nintendo are well known and in constant demand. Nintendo simply focuses on its gaming console i.e. Nintendo Switch rather than competing Microsoft Xbox or Sony PlayStation. It has almost six million users. Nintendo has started a service named Nintendo Switch.

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What is the Nintendo eShop Codes?

The Nintendo e-Shop is an online store owned by Nintendo. The e-Shop funds to buy games from to your devices then the content can be downloaded along with Wii U home console. In this article, you will discover ways to earn free Nintendo e-Shop codes to help you shop online.


The Nintendo e-Shop code is gift cards which have some price label or tag on it. You will have to purchase these cards and then redeem these on e-Shop cards. These e-Shop codes will provide you with the facility of downloading the games you want to play on any device of your choice. The e-Shop cards and codes will help you download codes for various platforms like Wii U, 3D games, and other gameplays available on the Nintendo online store.

The process of obtaining free e-Shop codes is very simple, and you can apply it to the Nintendo e-Shop account. There is no need for a credit card or your bank details in this entire process. The other advantage is that these codes can be shared with family and friends as a gift card.

1. Swagbucks

This is very useful and easy to use the site. You can start earning rewards using the Swagbucks shopping portal. You simply have to complete surveys to earn these rewards. Each survey awards you with 60 Swagbucks points. These points can later be redeemed in the form of e-Shopping code and cards for Nintendo. The only disadvantage is that this website doesn’t provide any free e-Shop codes to its users.

2. Inbox Dollars

It works on a mechanism based on a virtual currency where the user earns these currencies by completing simple tasks such as taking surveys, watch videos, gigs, etc. These tasks are not even time-consuming and can be easily attempted by any user. When you have enough currency on the website, you can exchange them for your free e-Shop codes.

3. MyPoints

This is another website where the user earns rewards and points by taking surveys. These surveys are designed in such a way that the user does not get bored with it. They are made very interesting and interactive. You can earn around 100-200 points for taking each survey. A thousand points on this website are equal to $10. You can use these points for redemption for your online shopping code. This site has a benefit which is, that there is a very low threshold. Users can get their e-Shop codes instantly and they do not have to wait for the same.

4. Lifepoints

This is a very trustworthy website. The only requirement is that the user has to complete a few tasks on the site. These tasks are very easy and simple to perform. The tasks can involve surveys, watching short videos or watching advertisements. The only disadvantage is that it is not available in all countries.

5. Inbox Pounds

Digital cards can be collected from Inbox Pounds which is a website popular in the United States and the United Kingdom. Through this site, you get a chance to perform some amazing and cool tasks which can involve watching videos and playing games. You earn points after completing these tasks and you can use these points for redemption in the form of e-Shop codes. It is available worldwide.

6. PointPrizes

This is one of the most likable sites to win reward points. Unlike Swagbucks, this site provides free e-Shop codes to its users.  The first step is to register yourself on the platform and then you have to perform the tasks assigned to you. This is the first priority of users when it comes to winning free e-Shop codes as it is very easy to do so. You can watch the featured videos, take up paid surveys, participate in interesting quizzes, play games and download some amazing apps to win your free e-Shop codes.

7. Gold Points on Nintendo

This is the most exciting way to get free Nintendo e-codes. There is an offer going on, where you can get 30 Gold points by Nintendo by simply downloading The First Skunk Bundle on your Wii console. You definitely know the value of these gold points.

8. Fiverr

It is an online freelance workplace where people can showcase their skills and talents and earn a $5 tag for each job. Basically, your talent won’t go in vain. If you’re good at painting or writing articles, you can demand money to do so. This will definitely help you in purchasing. The only requirement is to use your talent.

9. Social Media

Actively participating in Social Media giveaway campaigns can be very beneficial for you. You simply have to be updated about the latest giveaways in the gaming communities on social media platforms. Other than giveaways, there are various contests and offers too which can help you get free Nintendo eShop codes.

10. Seoclerk

It is pretty much similar to that of Fiverr. You have to perform small gigs or tasks to earn upto $2-$5. You simply have to use your raw skills and talent to earn money than can be used for generating your free Nintendo eShop Codes.

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One has to be very careful as there are fraud websites too like Nintendo eShop code generator and using such sites can land you in trouble. Such sites are not at all reliable and authentic. The above-mentioned methods are all trustable and legitimate.

You also have to look out for ongoing deals and offers on the website of Nintendo as this can also help you in collecting free eShop codes.

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